Customization Makes Amisy Food Cart Outstanding

Amisy Mobile Food Cart is specialized in providing creative food cart concept and design. We can customize mobile concession trailers, food kiosks, mobile catering restaurant, cell phone kiosks, food vending stands to your specific needs. Customization can save customers’ budget and trouble which is our aim. You can browse our product list for a reference and glance over “concept” page, find ideal food vending model for yourself. Already have an fresh idea? Leave us a message, our service will contact you in one weekday.

What Makes Amisy Mobile Food Cart the Best?

“To make your food vending dream come true” is our basic principle. Every one has a creative food cart concept, so customization is the core. In consultation procedure, we listen with respectful attention to your needs. The following things we must make sure:
1. Will the business be mainly indoors or outdoors?
3. What is the distance to your business location?
3. Does your country allow using electric food cart?
4. What is your main menu?
5. How about your budget?
6. Are you experienced or newcomer in this industry
Mobile food carts are doomed to be attractive, versatile and capable of fast food production. After knowing some of your basic needs, we can give you some suggestions about essential devices in the cart and provide some optional machines. For the essential devices, the engineer will fabricate them perfectly according to your requirement; as for the optional machines, we can supply together with food cart or you can purchase them in your location, just choose as you like.

Design &Build
This is the procedure to make your food cart/kiosk concept visible. You should tell us whether you have special requirement about the materials. For our standard is as following:
▶ Window is made of fiberglass
▶ Inner standards devices including Fryers, Griddle/Hot Plate, Barbecue Grill, Counter, Steamer, Hot/Cold Water taps & Sink are all made of stainless steel.
▶ Other part are of two-layer steel plate( with insulating layer) and anti-impact board.

All the design are served for making a flexible and easy-handling food catering carts/kiosks. After you make a decision about all the materials and textures, we will assemble and begin to fabricate them. During the manufacturing process, we send you pictures about real-time schedule. The fabricating time varies according to different cases but usually is enough.
Last you can choose any color you like to paint your cart/trailer/kiosk.

Delivery & Payment
Before shipping, our quality controllers will check machines carefully to make sure a perfect product. once all the delivery details are confirmed, we will arrange the delivery
☆ Worldwide shipping is available.
☆ Flexible payment options.
☆ One year quality guarantee