Custom Hot Dog Food Cart

custom hot dog food cart

Custom hotdog food cart served with cooked sausage (grilled or steamed), sliced bun, mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce, chili, etc, and this is the hot dog loved by people of all ages, which is an important reason why the hot dog food cart is more and more popular. Start the hot dog street food vending business, you should have signature hot dog, and how about the Chicago not dog, because some say you have not really eaten a hot dog until you have eaten a Chicago-style hot dog.

hotdog machine for heating hotdog

small vegetable cutting machine for potato wedges and finely chopped onion in Chicago hotdog

making Chicago hotdog

What You Need to Make Chicago Hot Dog:

making delicious hotdog

steamed poppy-seed bun,
natural-casing beef hot dog (steamed or grilled),
yellow mustard (avoid brown mustard or Dijon mustard),
finely chopped onion (raw),
green pickle relish,
tomato wedges,
sport peppers,
crisp kosher dill pickle spear,
celery salt

How to Make:


make hotdog by hot dog machinePlace a hotdog in the bun and coat with yellow mustard

hotdog machine for making hotdogAdd green pickle relish

making hotdogAdd finely chopped onion

get tomato wedges for hotdog by small vegetable cutting machineAdd 2 tomato wedges

making Chicago hotdogAdd a kosher dill pickle spear

making tasty hotdogAdd 2-3 sport peppers

chicago hot dogAdd a dash of celery salt and ready to serve

Machines You May Need:

steam ovensteam oven

hotdog machinehotdog machine

small vegetable cutting machinesmall vegetable cutting machine