Bus Type Electric Food Cart

Here comes the Movable Restaurant, Rea House, Cafe as well as the Snack Bar!
We have now promoted the electric bus cart which is also called mobile food cart to meet the needs of our customers. With the cart, you can go anywhere to run your business along with your optional equipment. In addition, the cart is of multi-function, so you can choose one program or several programs at the same time.


electric food cart

mobile restaurant cart

food catering bus


Cash Drawer

mobile food cart cash drawer

Double Water Sinks

double water sink in food vending cart

Electric Jack Box

electric jack box

Gas Fryer

gas fryer

Gas Griddle

gas griddle

Single Water Tank

single water tanks



Waste Water Tank

waste water tank

Water Sink

water sink





Electric Food Cart Usage

hotdog/coffee cart

The Mobile Food Cart can be used in Many Ways.
1. As fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food.
2. As shop which you can sell fruit,vegetable,ice cream,daily utensil anywhere.
3. As book store which you can sell newspaper, books, magazine, etc.
4. As empty cart which do it by you.

Reasons for Choosing the Electric Bus Food Cart
Multi-function: In addition to the standard devices, we have also prepared the option devices for your reference. So you can choose the devices according to your needs. Thus you can run several programs at the same time.
Low Start Up Costs: Your own mobile business can be started on a shoestring budget with a very small initial investment and low running costs.
High Profit Returns: It's no secret that food has one of the highest profit margins among many industries. And many catering trailer businesses would get the huge returns and often pay back their initial investment within weeks.
Work For Yourself: The electric bus cart gives you the opportunity to work for yourself. You can work in a variety of locations or you can stick to one. You are never stricted by the work time and environment. Just work for yourself!

Want to work for yourself? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Here we will provide you with mobile food cart of good quality as well as considerable business strategy!

Bus Type Electric Food Cart Technical Parameter

Painted as you required
Painted as you required



soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

soft service ice cream machine

Milk Shake Machine

milk shake machine

Coffee Vending Machine

coffee vending machine

Ice Cream Display Cabinet

ice cream display cabinet

Ice Slush Machine

ice slush machine

Cheese Freezer

chest freezer

Hot Dog Machine

hot dog steamer

Kebab Grill
kebab grill

Food Warmer Cabinet
food warmer cabinet

Double Pancake Machine

double pan cake machine

Single Pancake Machine

single pan cake machine

Pizza Oven

pizza oven

Burger Patty Maker

burger patty maker

Twist Potato Maker

twist potato machine

Microwave Oven

microwave oven

Orange Juice Extractor

orange juice maker

Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine



Ice Maker

ice maker

Cash Register

cash register

Manual Sugarcane Juicer 

manual sugarcane juicer