Roman Holiday-A/B Mobile Food Trailer

Roman Holiday-A Food Trailer

Roman Holiday-B Mobile Concession Trailer Vendor


 Roman Holiday Edition Food Vending Trailer Configuration:
* 12V LED light(4 pieces)
* High Quality Commercial Sound
* Stainless Steel Countertop+Wood Sheet Cabinet
* Griddle+Double Fryer
* Single Gas Burner
* Wash Basin+Electric Tap
* Soup Bucket

Roman Holiday Food Vending Trailer Configuration

configuration of Roman Holiday catering trailer

 About Roman Holiday
The famous film Roman Holiday tells a romantic story about Princess Ann and an American reporter Joe Bradley who meet each other occasionally in Rome. Joe takes the princess to tour around Rome for one day and helps her realize the dream of living a normal life. The two fall in love but have to bid farewell to each other for their identity.

Roman Holiday Mobile Food Trailer
Roman Holiday mobile food trailer features thick Italian amorous feelings. The catering trailer fits the scenic atmosphere. It is not only the scene but also a shop. Roman Holiday edition mobile food cart can reside in the stores, pedestrian streets, night markets, etc. The equipment can be replaced easily with the seasons. There is no off-season.

what you can buy from street food cart

Advantages of Roman Holiday Concession Trailer
1. Large car body, large business space. Suitable for storing enough food material and sell continuously.
2. Peripheral extension mesa and small wood round table make it convenient for eating and recreation.
3. High-quality thick awnings around the mobile kitchen trailer protect consumers from bad weather.
4. Equipped with standard high capacity car power supply. LED lighting creates thick Italian amorous feelings, meanwhile enables operation at night.
5. Electronic display is installed at the business window for vivid display of food, triggering customers’ appetite.

Roman Holiday Edition Catering Trailer Parameters

Roman Holiday-A
Roman Holiday-B
Usable Area
Business Window
1.25-2.4 meters on four sides
1.25 meters unilateral
Coating Process
PVC color paint
PVC color paint
400 kg
340 kg
Maximum Loading Capacity
300 kg
260 kg

Structure of Roman Holiday-A Catering Trailer

structure of RH-A snack vending trailer

Robot Velding for Making OEM Mobile Kitchen-Food Trailer

robot welding for making OEM mobile food vending truck in our workshop


 OEM is available for your oder of Amisy Mobile Food Trailer

RH-A mobile kitchen

RH-B concession food trailer

Rh-A snack mobile carts

RH-B food trailer

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