Food Concession Trailer

Food Concession Trailer Introduction
How to enjoy a wonderful meal in busy time? Please pay attention to the mobile food concession trailer serving beef burger, vanilla bread, fresh vegetable salad, sushi and ice cream, etc. Differing from the traditional restaurant in a fixed place, the mobile food restaurant feasts people on tasty-cheap food anytime and anywhere.


food concession trailers

food kiosk



Cash Drawer

mobile food cart cash drawer

Double Water Sinks

double water sink in food vending cart

Electric Jack Box

electric jack box

Gas Fryer

gas fryer

Gas Griddle

gas griddle

Single Water Tank

single water tanks



Waste Water Tank

waste water tank

Water Sink

water sink



Why Amisy Food Concession Trailer
1. Multi-functional: serving many kinds of food cooked in many kinds of ways.
2. Low investment risk: mobile management without renting storefront.
3. Standard accessories: choose what the devices what you need, then we can make custom food trailer.
4. Vast prospects with easy management and big profits.
5. Elegant appearance customized as required being a stand-out.
6. High quality after-sale service.
7. CE certified.

Food Concession Trailer Configuration

food cart standard device

food concession trailer equipment

◆ Inner functions: frying device, baking device, roasting device, drink device and heat preservation device, etc. And customers can choose 2-3 devices.
◆ Staple assembly parts: fluorescent lamp, handle, external power source, gas tank storage space, goods shelf, lifting jack, tire traction frame, rear axle

food cart concept

Food Concession Trailer Prospect
Nowadays, the shop-management has become saturated in terms of the fast-food development and the mobile food business should be the main trend in future. So the food concession trailer definitely is a great choice for first-time entrepreneurs. Due to its mobility, food concession trailer is easier to manage with small investment, low risk and big profit.

Mobile Food Cart Concept

Custom Food Frailers
we can customize different style food trailer according to your requirement. For example, ice cream trailer, hot dog cart, fresh juice vending cart, hamburger food cart.

custom food trailers vending idea

food concession trailer can also be used as mobile restaurant

Mobile Restaurant
Concession food trailer can be served as a mobile food restaurant/kitchen, you c
an make various delicacy in it. Many people like steaming hot food in cold street. 
Mobile Kiosk/Food Kiosk
It can be a perfect vehicle to display the food and drinks. While some others use the moible kiosk as a book/newspaper selling kiosk.

mobile food kiosk

Mobile Food Trailer Technical Data

Container Load (20GP/40HQ)
Trailer cart
Painted as you required



Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

soft service ice cream machine

Milk Shake Machine

milk shake machine

Coffee Vending Machine

coffee vending machine

Ice Cream Display Cabinet

ice cream display cabinet

Ice Slush Machine

ice slush machine

Cheese Freezer

chest freezer

Hot Dog Machine

hot dog steamer

Kebab Grill
kebab grill

Food Warmer Cabinet
food warmer cabinet

Double Pancake Machine

double pan cake machine

Single Pancake Machine

single pan cake machine

Pizza Oven

pizza oven

Burger Patty Maker

burger patty maker

Twist Potato Maker

twist potato machine

Microwave Oven

microwave oven

Orange Juice Extractor

orange juice maker

Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine



Ice Maker

ice maker

Cash Register

cash register

Manual Sugarcane Juicer

manual sugarcane juicer