Unpowered Food Kiosk

mobile food dinning truck


 Multifunctional Food Kiosk Configuration:
* Stainless steel countertop+wood sheet cabinet
* Multi-function gas stove(griddle+fryer: 70cm)
* Single gas burner
* Stainless steel water basin+ high quality electric tap
* Trash Can+Slop Pail

stainless steel countertop of food kiosk vendor

cabinet of food koisk


Multifunctional Unpowered Food Kiosk
Gourmet dining car integrates the functions of grilling, instant-boiling, deep-frying, teppanyaki, spicy hot pot, etc. The functions can be customized to meet your demand. The business items can be changed at any time. Multifunctional food car is suitable for residing in tourist attractions, recreation centers, busy streets, night markets, shopping malls, schools, factories, pedestrian streets, residential areas, etc.

Parameter of Unpowered Edition Gourmet Dining Car

Unpowered Edition
2510*1550*2180 mm
400 kg
Usable area
3.9 m2
Business window
1.5 meters unilateral

Advantages of Unpowered Food Stand

1. Adopting three layers heat insulatraion, the car does not heat up in summer and has cold resistance in winter.


three layers heat insulatraion of food kiosk

2. Car body adopts special anticorrosive material. The service life can be as long as 30 years.

Amisy coffee kiosk is resistant to wear and corrosion

3. Adopting stoving varnish, the car does not fade and deform despite the weather.


4. The door plank of the cabinet adopts high-end texture, which shows its quality; Simple and elegant handle, strong and durable.

high quality kitcken cupboard of mobile food dinner

5. Checkered plate stainless steel countertop, resistant to wear and corrosion, easy to clean.

Checkered plate stainless steel countertop of mobile street food_kiosk

6. The food booth uses stainless steel castors with brake function, silent and saving effort
7. Standard high quality LED light source enables you to work at night.

mobile street food vending truck sale