Ice Cream Truck


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Starting Ice Cream Truck Business
Ice cream truck is equipped with ice cream machine and juice machine to give consumers a cool summer. Air conditioner installed in the ice cream van also brings vendors comfort. High quality ice cream bus gives vendors a safe and cool sales experience in squares, pedestrian street, food court, parks, tourist attractions, etc.

Ice Cream Truck

Advantages of Ice Cream Van
1. Adopts high end backup camera with high resolution and wide view angle.
2. Equipped with 1.5P Midea air conditioner featuring ultra-quiet operation (18 dB), high frequency and fast cooling, stable and durable in use.
3. The ice cream truck is equipped with 3 head ice cream machine which:
* Adopts turbine reducer that has long service life and low noise.
* Adopts precooling system, extending preservation time of ice cream liquids in hot days.
* Adopts stainless steel stirrer making the ice cream fine and smooth.
4. Three-cylinder juice machine provides both cold and hot drinks, give another choice for people.
5. The ice cream car adopts aluminum alloy LED luminous letters with acrylic face, bright and waterproof.
6. Having electric light box which can be lifted freely.
7. High quality commercial sound attracts consumers to come to enjoy ice cream.

detail features of Amisy ice cream van

Ice Cream Truck Parameters

Ice Cream Truck 
5000 * 1940 * 2420 mm
Usable Area
9.5 m2
Business Window
3.6 meters bilateral
Motor Power
4.5 kw
Battery Pack Voltage
72 V (12 V * 6 pieces)
Maximum Mileage
60 km
Speed Limit
20 km/h
1400 kg
Maximum Loading Capacity
500 kg


Using Social Media to Promote Your Ice Cream Truck Business
Social media is a great way to help you promote your ice cream truck. You can tweet out your daily locations, post photos of your ice cream on Instagram and initiate topics on Facebook. You can use socia media to keep customers aware of new flavors and can also reward your followers with special deals. Social media helps extend the reach of your ice cream truck business.



Ice Cream Van Optional Configuration 

3 Head Ice Cream Machine
Air Conditioner
Three-cylinder Cold & Hot Juice Machine
Backup Camera
Standard Awning
Electric Light Box
Simple Awning
Price List Light Box
Aluminum Alloy Luminous Letters