Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Vending Truck

mobile fruit vendor

mobile vegetable vending truck

Basic configurations
2 LED screens: 12v
6 warm lights
Rotating food rack
Three tiers of sliding rack
Hi-Fi external loudspeaker
Driving seat
Automatic charger: 72v
Storage box

Basic configurations of mobile vegetable shop

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Fruit and Vegetable Mobile Truck Introduction
Fruit and vegetable truck is one of the most functional mobile shops, it has characteristics of stylish looking, good mobility, complete facilities, long service life, etc. No matter in which country or what nation, Mobile fruit and vegetable truck could increase business choices of investors for business location, shop’s appearance and equipment. What’s more, mobile bus business can reduce investors’ operation cost at the same time.

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Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Shop Superiority
Besides business location, food freshness and net profit are essential factors of fruit and vegetable trade, too. Mobile truck has solved the above problems and its superiority is mainly shown in configuration, structure and technique:
Basic configurations:
1. Equipped with large constant temperature storage box, keeping food freshness with large capacity.
2. Natural lighting system, reflecting food’s freshness and attractiveness completely in 6 warm light.
3. Equipped with rotating food rack and three tiers of sliding rack which food baskets can be put on shelves by sliding along tracks every day, labor saving and high efficient.
4. High quality Hi-Fi system and 2 LED screens, fashion and outstanding.
1. 9.5 m²usable area, storing dozens kinds of fruit & vegetable and supporting not-crowded place for customers at one time.
2. The body is rectangle structured, maximizing the space utilization.
3. The mobile truck is double layer insulation structured, keeping the inside a constant temperature.
4. Multifunctional exhibition stand: lift up to keep out wind and rain, and put sown to sell products.
5. 3.2m sales window: open window to sell food without distance.
1. The bus is made of standard galvanized material: advantage of high load ability.
2. Employ 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of topcoat baking varnish technique, rust-proof and anti-corrosion.
3. Torch batteries, war industry quality design and long battery life.
4. Fully automatic braking system, antilock and safe.

Vegetable and Fruit Cart Application
1. The business location is unlimited and flexible, which is the advantage of mobile cart. You can choose golden mile and don’t need to worry about the rent any more. The places with large population such as residential district, school, subway station, bus stop are nice choice.
2. The mobile car could be equipped with screw juice extractor, vegetable & fruit peeling cutting machine. The unsold fruit and vegetable can be made into juice, fruit vegetable salad to earn a good profit.
3. Besides fruit and vegetable, the mobile shop could be stocked a few local specialty and seasonaI food to enrich product’s type and improve benefit.

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Mobile Vegetable Market Parameters and Optional Configurations

Basic parameters
Basic configurations
Optional Configurations
Appearance size
2 LED screens: 12v
Light box,LED Strip
Usable area
6 warm lights
Awning: 4m
Business window
3.2m one-sided open
Rotating food rack
6 food baskets (used in rotating food rack)
Motor Power
Three tiers of sliding rack
Three tiers of food baskets:1.2m, 1.8m
Battery type
6 pieces of battery
Hi-Fi external loudspeaker 
Wall cupboard, cash register, skylight with fan
Maximum range
Driving seat
Three food baskets at the end of bus
Speed limit
Automatic charger: 72v
Battery cabinet
max load is 500kg
Storage box

How Much is Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Truck?

The price changes due to truck’s different models and sizes, and the mobile truck could be customized according to the customer’s requirement. Until now, our truck has exported to countries like USA, Korea, EU, the Middle East, etc and 99% of the customers feel satisfied with our mobile truck’s appearance and half of them will introduce mobile truck to their friends.

 OEM is available for your oder of Amisy Mobile Food Vendors

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