An Overview of Flagship Food Truck

No matter how the times change, food is always of paramount importance to the people’s livelihood. With the progress of the times, people’s life becomes stressful and their food habit is changed. Fewer people cook at home, while more people especially students & office workers choose food truck to eat quick, convenient, and cost-effective food. Our flagship food truck has been exported worldwide to sell food due to its strong mobility, easy operation, and low cost. This ultimate edition food truck is our sample car and its car painting & inside equipment could be customized for supporting various cooking methods like frying, baking, roasting, steaming, boiling, etc.
food truck for sale

Application of Automobile Food Bus

1. You can choose the business location of hot-sale automobile food bus in amusement park, commercial street, night market, school, factory, tourist attraction, shopping mall, etc.
2. It is also suitable for a business beginner with low investment, and our company can provide you not only the qualified product but also operation instruction & investment advice, the after-sales service is reliable.
3. Besides selling food, the automobile car could be applied for star hotel & high-class restaurant’s brand promotion, its luxury exterior & Interior and exquisite craftsmanship make it the commercial corporation’s efficient instrument to develop Business.
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Ultimate Edition Food Car Features

Multiple functional food car integrates stove, cupboard, storage box and countertop as a whole, its compact structure, flexible cooking methods, and strong configurations can save manpower with high output. The excellent ultimate edition food car earns more profits comparing with other competitors with the following advantages:
1. The food truck has superior quality skid-proof stainless steel countertop, which is equipped with a liquefied gas cupboard, storage board, electric tap, kitchen sink, and garbage can, modern design, and exquisite workmanship.
2. The cupboard employs high-grade furniture texture, oil & smoke stains on it could be wiped off easily. The design of the cupboard handle is simple, practical, and durable.
3. The optional configurations like an energy-saving air conditioner, pancake oven, barbecue oven, frying oven, soup bucket, condiment pot can be added to this flagship food truck. The powerful devices truly realizing one truck serves several purposes and improving profit margin.
4. As long as you are familiar with our food truck’s operation instruction which is simple and easy to learn, you can operate a food truck without hiring a cook, completely getting rid of the restrictions from others’ control. Basically, two people can complete a set of manufacturing processes.
5. The truck’s function is according to your requirement, it is both suitable for cooking food like burger, pizza, taco, and supplying drinks such as Coca Cola, juice, milkshake, etc. The operating system is smart and simple.

Standard Device of Flagship Food Truck

Flagship version food truck is 2017’s explosion model and its structure details are upgraded for a more reasonable & practical design according to international standards. Flagship food car’s superior quality structure makes it a long service life, which can service five times longer than that of its competitors.
○ The inside of the truck has a large space of 8m², which can support multiple operations at the same time.
○ 1.8m glass business window on the two sides, double-way sale and customer numbers are doubled.
○ The flagship food bus is equipped with an LED plastic lightbox, high light transmission, and waterproof.
○ Imported thick acrylic fabrics awning which is adumbral, rainproof, and colorfast. And the awning is used an unbending aluminum tube & flexible joints to fix which is quality assured.
○ The whole body is made of energy-reservation, eco-friendly, quake-proof material. The service life is up to three decades.

flagship food truck details

Flagship Food Truck Parameter List

Appearance dimension420*194*238cm
Usage area8m²
Business window1.8m two-way sale
Motor power4kw
Battery voltage72v/6 batteries
Weight1280kg/max loaded weight: 400kg
ColorYellow/green/red/ customized