Nowadays, the burger is one of the most popular foods around the world, so a custom burger food cart is not a bad choice. It is the staple of many fast-food services like a food cart, restaurants, and also is a greatly required food at backyard barbecues. Worldwide, burgers are made in different ways, and here is one tasty burger of the classic ones: Beef Burger.

Things You’ll Need

1 small peeled onion, 500g lean ground beef, 1 egg, 1tbsp vegetable oil, 4 burger buns. You also can serve with all or any of the following: sliced tomato, beetroot, lettuce, horseradish sauce, mayonnaise, and ketchup

peeled white onionground beefhamburger bun
tomato slicesgreen lettucetasty mayonnaise

Machines for Convenient Making Burgers

Small Meat Grindersmall meat grinder

small vegetable cutting machine

small vegetable cutting machine

small patty machinesmall patty machine

baking oven

small baking oven

How to Make

delicious hamburgers

1. Finely slice the onion into small diced pieces; mix them with the egg and beef.
2. Divide the mixture into four and make patties with the same thickness; put the patties in the fridge for 30 mins.
3. Lightly brush oil on each side of the patties and cook on the medium-hot for about 10 mins.
4. Let the patties juice settle inside after cooked, then place them in each bun and top with your choice of accompaniment.
5. Ready to serve.