SUEGE Commercial Food Truck Introduction

SUEGE electric food truck is a popular choice for start-ups and established restaurants. With SUEGE, the gifted chefs can realize their entrepreneurial dreams without sinking a lot of money into a brick-and-mortar establishment. It is more economical and environment-friendly to run SUEGE electric food truck than vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

Features of SUEGE Electric Food Truck

  1. Spacious space
  2. Bilateral window
  3. Superior performance
  4. European and American Vintage Style.
  5. LED eye-catching signboard, show your style anytime, anywhere.
  6. Dynamic front face design, the aura field is exposed instantly.
  7. Unique modeling, details show the strength and quality.
  8. Modular high-quality cabinet, changeable as you wish.
  9. Whatever your preferred design specifications are, we’ll use them to construct the electric food truck of your dreams.
Internal placement of SUEGE food truck
lights equipped on SUEGE food truck
unique modeling food truck for sale

Specifications of SUEGE Food Truck

layout of SUEGE food truck

ModelSUEGE Electric Food Truck
Outside dimension562*228*251cm
Interior area7.3 m²
Service WindowDouble-sided business windows
Driving modeElectricity (Un-powered model is available too.)
Motor power5.5 kw
Voltage of Battery Group6 pieces/ 72v
Maximum mileage50 km
Maximum load500 kg
Basic configurationRV lock *2;
Height indicator*6;
Width indicator *6;
Turn signal *4;
Embossed steel plate;
Rearview mirror*2;
Headlight * 2
Optional configurationLight box/ Light strip/ Luminous words/ LED Screen;
Whole stainless steel cabinet set;
Multi-layer shelf;
Various cooking equipment;
Air conditioner;
Constant temperature display cabinet;
Sink/ electric water tap/ Double bucket