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Sushi business has become so popular in many countries. You have to grab the bull by the horns when a trend catches on, especially when that trend is food. If you are sushi fans and have an entrepreneurial streak, opening a sushi food business may be a good way to invest your money. And starting a sushi food cart can be an excellent choice for its optional places and convenient serve to sell sushi.

Creating a dynamic menu is also important, so let’s follow Kevin Long from Big Night Entertainment Group, the executive chef, to make simple and tasty Tuna and Salmon Nigiri.

make nigiri by sushi maker

Things to Prepare:
some fresh tuna and salmon meat, sushi rice

make sushi rice by rice steamer

make delicious sushi

make sashimi and salmon nigiri

Machines You May Need for Making Sushi:

rice steamerrice steamer

sushi rollersushi roller

sushi roll makersushi roll maker