Custom Ice Scramble Food Cart

custom ice scramble food cart

make ice scramble to serve on the food cart



Who would believe that this lowly street-food will now become a multi-million food cart industry? Ice scramble is a famous treat in Philippines and it is magic on hot days. You see them everywhere, inside and outside malls, schools, markets, sidewalks, MRT stations, etc. Even every few blocks of walking, you can see carts of different shapes and sizes, from a simple table-top to high-end carts, they have one thing in common though — ice scramble. But do you know how to make the ice scramble?


Here is the classic ice scramble in Philippines:

making ice scramble to enjoy on hot days

1 cup concentrated milk,
1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp banana flavoring,
a few drops of pink food coloring, 3 cups crushed ice;
2 tbsp powdered milk; 1 tsp chocolate syrup,
2 tbsp rice krispies (optional)

1. In a blender, add the base ingredients onto the crushed ice and mix them well;
2. Fill a cup with the mixed base, and then add milk powder, chocolate syrup and the rice krispies or any other desired topping.
3. Enjoy.

make ice scramble base by blender

get ice by ice making machine

get crushed ice by ice crusher

Machines You May Need:

ice makerice maker


ice crusherice crusher