Custom Twist Potato Food Cart

twist potato food cart

make delicious twist potato to serve on the food cart


Are you looking to start a business with very low costs and limited risks with good potential to grow? We have now made it available to have a very flexible and suitable possibility for new small business ventures or as an addition to your current business--the custom twist potato food cart which can help you to open your own food cart business to sell the twist potato.



make twist potato by twist potato maker

And to make the twist potato is very simple:
1. Wash the potato; insert the bamboo stick into the potato and use the twist potato maker to cut the potato into spiral type;
2. Fry the spiral type potato in the fryer;
3. Sprinkle the fried potato with seasoning as preferred.
4. Ready to serve.

1. Sometimes the washed potato has to be peeled as customers’ required.
2. You can also serve spiral sweet potatoes, carrots, etc on the food cart.


Machines You May Need:

small vegetable washing machinesmall vegetable washing machine

potato peelerpotato peeler

twist potato makertwist potato maker

deep fryerdeep fryer