SCOTT BBQ Trailer Introduction

We have a basic BBQ trailer for choice, and also we can design a custom BBQ trailer with just about any component according to your specifications. There are unlimited options and solutions for your barbecue needs. From small BBQ trailers designed for a backyard pig roast to large BBQ trailers for events at festivals, or permanent roadside kitchen operations. With top-notch materials and exacting standards, we ensure you that you will get a custom BBQ trailer that you’ll be proud of.

Benefits of SCOTT BBQ Trailer

  1. Easy to clean and provides ample working and storage space, built with durable construction.
  2. Can be attached to nearly any sturdy family vehicle or pickup.
  3. Both our standard unit and customized BBQ trailers are all built to ensure the utmost quality and utility.
  4. Our custom-designed trailers will allow you to cook a variety of meats for any occasion.
  5. SCOTT BBQ trailers are perfect for avid competitors who spend their weekends attending smoking or grilling competitions.
  6. BBQ trailers are also perfect for small grilling businesses who like to bring their talent to customers at tailgate parties, food festivals, and other special events.
features of custom bbq trailers near me
layout of SCOTT BBQ trailer

Technical Data of Ready-made SCOTT Barbecue Trailer

BBQ Concession Trailer

Outside Dimension536*194*247cm
Utilization Area6.8㎡
Driving typeTrailer
Service CounterUnilateral Side
Max load weight500KG
Equipment for choiceLightbox/tape light/light words/LED screen;
Integral stainless steel cabinet /multi-layer shelves;
Varied cooking equipment/Freezer;
Air conditioner/Electrical Box;
electric swivel/Sink