BERLIN Donut Truck Introduction

The donut business is booming and continues to grow year after year. The margins on donut production and sales are high, customer buying trends of donut are increasing, the industry trends toward creativity and gluten-free offerings continue to drive the growth in the donut sector, all these factors show that starting a donut business make a lot of sense. For small-scale food business entrepreneurs, our Berlin series food truck is an easy and affordable way to produce and sell donuts. Both powered food trucks and un-powered units are available.

Benefits of Berlin Donut Truck

  1. Berlin donut truck can offer you many benefits, such as low operational costs, increased mobility, and high profitability.
  2. With Berlin donut food trucks, you can sell your donuts to people where they need them the most, in weddings, corporate gatherings, sporting events, birthdays, or around public parks, waterfront locations, or near hospitals, universities.
  3. Designed to fit all the essentials you need.
  4. We maximize the food truck layout to ensure the best use of space.
  5. With small size, Berlin series food trucks are convenient to drive and park.
  6. We can custom build any food trucks to your needs.
beautiful design of donut food truck
beautiful design of donut food truck

Specifications of Berlin Donut Truck

floorplan of Berlin unpowered donut truck

ModelBerlin electric donut truckBerlin unpowered donut truck
Outer Size376*220*251cm376*220*235cm
Internal Area5.1 m²5 m²
Service windowone service window on each sideone service window on each side
Driving modeElectric motorizedNon-motorized
Motor Power3 kW/
Voltage of Battery Group48v/
Maximum mileage50km/
Maximum load/400 kg
Floor2.5mm plastic floor
Glass5mm tempered glass
Exterior wall plateSteel plate
Inner wall platePVC
Basic configurationHeadlight*2;
Loudspeaker * 2;
Embossed steel plate;
Optional configurationLight box/ Light strip/ Luminous words/ LED Screen;
Whole stainless steel cabinet set;
Multi-layer shelf
Various cooking equipment;
Air conditioner;
Sink/ electric water tap/ Double bucket