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//Electric Four-wheel Food Cart

Achieving Your Mobile Food Mogul Dreams

Because consumers are flocking to the mobile food business, food carts have become a widely popular and important part of the food service industry. The relatively low cost and free-ways combination make the food cart business an ideal entry for budding entrepreneurs. With electric four-wheel food cart, food is going where consumers are, and money is going where you are.

Electric Four wheel Food Cart Introduction

Electric Four-wheel Food Cart Features

Electric Four wheel Food Cart Features

1. The cart is powered by electricity.
2. Front veil is made of endurance plates; cart body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic; the whole car is painted with high quality paint.
3. The interior structure can be adjusted and replaced as customers’ required.
4. Good heat preservation performance, keeping food lasting fresh.
5. Low noise, improving the driving comfort and safety.
6. Vast space, make delicacy freely
7. CE certified.

Mobile Food Cart Structure

Mobile Food Cart Structure

◆ Both sides of the body is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).
◆Body length can be made according to customer’s requirements, generally speaking, it can be from 2.2m to 4.0m. Body height is 2.2m.
◆ The back is consist of double layer color steel plate, firmed by five pcs square tubes.
◆ Two fryers in mobile food cart, can make hamburgers, chicken wings, popcorn, chicken, chips and other fried food like that. The two fryer jars are made of 201 stainless steel, 1mm thickness, size can be custom-made under the width 38cm and length 52cm.
◆ Square iron hot plate, can make hamburger meat pie, hot dog hams, fried steak and other food which need to be fried. Made of 201 stainless steel, thickness 1mm, width 38cm, length 48cm.
◆ Water tank, 201 stainless steel, 1mm thickness, size can be custom made.
◆ Two layer shelves, 201 stainless steel, thickness 1mm, width 25cm, length depends on the length of the diner.
◆ The cabinet, 201 stainless steel, thickness 1mm, mainly used for storaging the goods and gas tank.
◆ Custom-made is available.

Ideas for Mobile Food Business

1. Food Kiosks: they are temporary booths or stands used to serve foods like pretzels, ice cream and hot dog with flexibility, ease and low overhead.
2. Food Carts and Concession Trailers: this style of mobile food business has been around for decades and is a multibillion industry.
3. Food Trucks: larger than carts and can carry more sophisticated equipments for sorting, serving, cooking and preparing foods.
4. Gourmet Food Trucks: takes food quality to a higher level and offers cuisine not typically found in food trucks like specialty crepes, Korean-Mexican fusion, or velvet cupcakes.
5. Mobile Catering Business: usually is hired for specific events and the clients choose food from a catering menu, then the truck serves the food at the event.
6. Bustaurants: a new concept, is not a truck but a bus, often a double-decker with the lower level for the kitchen and the upper level for customer to sit and eat.

Ideas for Mobile Food Business

Electric Four-wheel Food Cart Check before Use

General rules: All the elements should be fixed at right position tightly.
☞ The tire: if there is wear and tear; if it is air-filled rightly.
☞ The battery: if there is problem with the positive and negative plugs.
☞ The charging wire, plug and socket: if there is flaw, start and lead wear.
☞ The cart door: if it is fasten before starting.

Electric Four-wheel Food Cart Specification

Item AWF-10
Type Electric four-wheel
Size 2.8*2.0*2.2M
Container Load 1/3
Certification CE

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