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//Electric Food Truck

Take Your Restaurant to Where you Go Whenever you Want!

Electric food truck is another type of mobile food carts. The food truck has the similar shape to the truck. You can take your food truck to the busy market, the outside of the schools and the amusement park as well as the railway station etc. The electric food truck has taken the place of the stores in some way, so it would save the expense of renting. Electric food truck is featured by low cost as well as high profit.

Electric Food Truck Introduction

The electric food truck is of high quality as well as the scientific design structure. It is superior than the others in the following aspects

1. The cab is closed, so you can be always on the way regardless of bad weather such as the rain or wind or something like that. And the material of the front serving window is anti-impact board which can prevent water, corrosion and high temperature.
2. The cab is separated from the operating room which is more convenient and comfortable. Also it would avoid the mutual influence.
3. In addition, the truck wings or say the windows on both side could be open at the same time. It would give more operating space. The material of both sides is fiber glass which has the following characteristics: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating and fire resistant
4. You know that the food or the beverage are disposable consuming products, thus it indicates a pretty good opportunity to make great profit.

electric food truck structure

Configurations & Application

The food truck is equipped with standard devices and the optional devices. You can choose according to your business plan. In general, it can be divided into several categories.
Drink Truck: The truck can be equipped to run the beverage program. With the bridge, the display cabinet as well as other configuration, you can sell the
Food Truck: The truck can also be used as the mobile restaurant. For example, you can choose several configuration devices to produce the hot dog, BBQ, the fried chicken, the French fries as well as the the donuts and other snacks etc.
Breakfast Truck: You can take use of the trunk to sell the fast food breakfast that don’t need complex processing.

Configurations and Application

Food Truck Specifications

Model AWF-14 AWF-15
Color Painted as you required Painted as you required
Power Electricity Electricity
Certification CE CE
Size 3.7×1.45×2.3m 3.9×1.7×2.35m

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