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//Electric Tricycle Food Cart

Itch to Start Mobile Food Business?

The food cart has been around for decades and it enjoys so much publicity, because street food vending is a multibillion industry today. The electric food van is among the most cost-effective ways to start a mobile food business for the food is either prepared in advance or purchased ready to sell and stored, and then either heated up or pulled from the freezer.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Introduction

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Highlights

1. Powered by electricity, easy to move and no pollution.
2. The front veil is made of endurance plates and the cart body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
3. The inside and outside of the cart is painted with high quality paint and the color is decided by customers.
4. Multifunction, the cart can used to serve food and drinks, also can be used as a book store to serve books, magazines and newspapers, etc.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Inner Structures

Standard Devices(All for Free)
1. Stainless Steel Counter
2. Stainless steel store cabinet
3.Water tap and sink
4. Electrical box
5. Lamp
6. Signal Lamp

Optional Devices for Tricycle Food Cart

1. Gas Fryer
2. Gas Griddle
3. Hot dog machine

Hot Dog Machine


gas griddle machine

4. Coffee Maker
5. Fruit Juice Maker
6. Gas Baking Oven

instant coffee maker device

Fruit Juice Maker Machine

7.Fridge or Freezer
8. Ice Cream Machine
9. Twist Potato Maker

small fridge


ice-cream machine

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Using Cautions

◆ The driving speed should be less than 15km/h, the speed should be less than 5km/h when turning to avoid accidents.
◆ The battery should be charged in time; if there is no use for a long time, the battery should be charged once a week.
◆ The lifting jack should be rolled down when stopping the cart to keep balance; should be unrigged when driving the cart to avoid collision.

Suggestions for Getting the Most Life out of the Battery in the Electric Food Cart

☞ Be sure the electrical system is charging at the correct rate; overcharging will damage the battery.
☞ Keep the battery clean. Dirt becomes a conductor, which drains battery power.
☞ Clean the positive and negative plugs with a wire brush every 3 months or so.
☞ To prevent a gradual loss of charge, disconnect the battery if the cart won’t be drove for more than 2 weeks.
☞ Prepare a reserve battery to use in alternation, so that the working life of the batteries can be extended.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Technical Data

Model AWF-06 AWF-07 AWF-13
Type Electric Tricycle Electric Tricycle Electric Tricycle
Dimension 3.4*1.6*2.1M 3.4*0.8*2.1M 3.4*1.15*2.1M
Colour painted as required painted as required painted as required
Container Load 1/3 2/6 1/3
Certification CE CE CE

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