Food Concession Trailer Introduction

How to enjoy a wonderful meal at a busy time? Please pay attention to the mobile food concession trailer serving beef burger, vanilla bread, fresh vegetable salad, sushi and ice cream, etc. Differing from the traditional restaurant in a fixed place, the mobile food restaurant feasts people on tasty-cheap food anytime and anywhere.

Why Choose Our Food Concession Trailer

1. Multi-functional: serving many kinds of food cooked in many kinds of ways.
2. Low investment risk: mobile management without renting a storefront.
3. Standard accessories: choose the devices that you need, then we can make a custom food trailer.
4. Vast prospects with easy management and big profits.
5. Elegant appearance customized as required being a stand-out.
6. High-quality after-sale service.
7. CE certified.

details of sushi trailer
floorplan of BARBE sushi trailer

Food Concession Trailer Configuration

Food Concession Trailer Prospect

Nowadays, shop-management has become saturated in terms of fast-food development and the mobile food business should be the main trend in the future. So the food concession trailer definitely is a great choice for first-time entrepreneurs. Due to its mobility, the food concession trailer is easier to manage with a small investment, low risk, and big profit.

Mobile Food Cart Concept

Custom Food Trailers

we can customize different style food trailer according to your requirement. For example, ice cream trailer, hot dog cart, fresh juice vending cart, hamburger food cart.

custom food trailer

trailer for Mobile Restaurants

Mobile Restaurant

Concession food trailer can be served as a mobile food restaurant/kitchen, you can make various delicacy in it. Many people like steaming hot food in the cold streets.

Mobile Kiosk/Food Kiosk

It can be a perfect vehicle to display the food and drinks. While some others use the moible kiosk as a book/newspaper selling kiosk.

Mobile Food Kiosk

Mobile Food Trailer Technical Data

Outer Size436*242*250 cm
Length including tow-hitch563 cm
Internal Area7.5㎡
Service windowFour-sided
Driving modeTrailer
Maximum load880 kg
Floor2.5mm plastic floor
Glass5mm tempered glass
Exterior wall plateSteel plate
Inner wall platePVC