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A “perfect” grilled cheese is a matter of taste, but there is one easy recipe that is close to right every time: Grilled Cheese with BBQ Pulled Pork
Total cooking time: 30 mins; Serving: 4


4 tbsp unsalted butter (divided); 4 cups prepared macaroni and cheese (warmed); 2 thinly sliced onions; 1 cup barbecue sauce; 2 cups prepared pulled pork; 8 pieces sourdough bread; 12 pieces sharp cheddar cheese; freshly ground pepper and salt

materials for making grilled cheese food


1. Combine the prepared Mac and cheese well; melt 2 tbsp butter over medium heat; add onion to cook until golden-brown; season with pepper and salt.
2. Warm the BBQ sauce and pork over low heat; melt the rest 2 tbsp butter and brush on one side of each bread.
3. Place one slice of bread, in the skillet (butter side down). Top with 1 slice cheddar, a scoop of macaroni-cheese, and another piece of cheddar, then add one-quarter pork, cooked onion, and third cheddar and the second piece of bread. Cook over medium heat in the Panini grill until the bottom piece of bread is crispy and golden. Carefully use a spatula (and your fingers to hold the sandwich together!) to flip. Continue cooking until the bottom slice of bread is crispy and golden.
4. Remove to plate and ready to serve.

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