MODERN-BUS Food Station Introduction

The MODERN-BUS model food station is a first-class quality food kiosk with making & displaying food, snacks & drinks in schools, hospitals, hotels, clubs, employee cafeterias, casinos, universities, nursing homes, correctional institutions, industrial facilities, airports, and most food service areas.

MODERN-BUS food station can also be built into electric driving food truck which is more convenient for moving from place to place.

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Advantages of MODERN-BUS Food Station

We have a professional design team who listens to your goals, your budget, and your preferences, to build a custom-designed, cost-effective, unmatched quality food station for you. Our aim is to offer all customers surpassing expectations. With the tailored MODERN-BUS food station, you can provide your customers with a professional and unique dining experience in any location and at a price point, that’s right for you.

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Specifications of MODERN BUS Food Vehicle

Modern-bus A Food Station

layout of modern-bus food kiosk

ModelModern-bus A Food Station
Outside Dimension862*196*261.5cm
Utilization Area13.2㎡
Driving typeStationary type
Ground clearance260MM
Exterior panel typemetal decorate insulation board
Inside panelPVC wallpaper
Max load weight1000KG
Optional configurationLight box/tape light/light words;
Integral stainless steel cabinet/ Freezer;
Ice cream machine/corn popper/Juicer/BBQ grill;
electric swivel;
TV, Air conditioner

Modern-bus B Food Station

layout of MODERN-BUS B food station kiosk

ModelModern-bus B Food Station
Outside Dimension428*242*2495cm
Utilization Area7㎡
Driving typeStationary type
Stage typeSub-layer push-pull stage
Max load weight400KG
Optional configurationLight box/electric box/light words/LED screen
Hydraulic starting roof
Wooden cabinet
Sofa/End table/Bar counter
Juicer/Milk tea machine
Top grade carpet

Electric Modern-bus Model Food Truck

ModelModern-bus Food Truck
Outside Dimension641.7*196*270cm
Utilization Area6.5㎡
Driving typeElectric
Motor power5.5 kw
Max load weight500KG
Optional configurationLightbox/electric box/light words/LED screen
Integral stainless steel cabinet
Varied cooking equipment
Air conditioner
Electric swivel