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//Mobile Grocery Truck

Mobile Vending Store Truck VS Department Store

The mobile truck is creatures of the new age. In the past, people shop only in the department store which the rent is high and the location is limited. While the emergence of the mobile truck like commodity vending truck solves the above difficulties and here are comparisons of two business type:
1. The vending truck is not limited by time and place, it is flexible to change your business location, so you have a chance to try, which is necessary especially for a business beginner. While the traditional shops couldn’t change once you have invested heavily in rent and decoration fees.
2. The mobile vending truck can save your decoration costs. As the professional commodity vending bus, it has a fashionable look and reasonable design. However, the entity shop costs time and money to embellish.
3. Mobile truck needs relative low investment cost than the department store, and it has an individual characteristic of your style not just one shop of the same shopping malls.

mobile vending truck for sale

Mobile Groceries Vending Truck Features

1. The inner display space is wide and has been classified in different parts such as shelf pallet and clothes rack.
2. Using a new double door on the side of the car, large items to be easily carried and zero distance sale.
3. 5 layers of the long display shelf, making your goods clear at a glance.
4. The vending car could be equipped with a stainless steel hook, high capacity, and space saving.
5. Equipped with a supporting platform, lift up to keep off the rain and out down to display products.
6. Basic configuration:
4 LED screens: 12v
15 Shelves pipe: 2m*15
High-quality business stereo
Driving seat
Automatic charger: 72v

commercial truck details

Mobile Commodity Vending Truck Structures

Our mobile commodity vending truck has novelty design and scientific and logical structure from the inside to the outside. It breaks the tradition of room type shops and its reasonable structure largely improves space utilization.

goods movement truck for sale

The cart body is structured with steel plate and insulating material, flameproof and robust.
● Three layers of insulation material, cutting off the light & heat from outside and keep the car’s inside comfortable.
● Automobile painting technique, making the truck shine for a long time and won’t fade.
● Stainless steel chassis and equipped with 135 tubeless tires, durable and safe.
● The truck is surrounded by a toughened glass window, 360-degree all-around display your goods.
● The automatic braking system, four-wheel balancing, and anti-lock braking.
● Torch/yuguang battery pack device, war industry quality and long battery life.

Mobile Vending Shop Application

buy anything you need in Vending Bus

1. The mobile vending shop can sell various types of goods like clothes, accessories, makeups, toy, stationery, digital products, book, etc.
2. The truck could be located at different places according to your requirement such as the park, university, pedestrian mall, bus stop, antique market.
3. You could also run the truck business in the scenic spot and sell souvenir & special local product to tourists, and ornamenting properly the bus according to local culture and natural landscapes.

Commodity Vending Truck Parameter & Configurations

Basic configuration
Optional Configuration
External dimension
4 LED screens: 12v
Lightbox, LED Strip, Luminous characters
Usage area
15 Shelves pipe: 2m*15
Awning: 4m
Business window
3.2m single-sided open
High-quality business stereo
Laminate: optional
Motor Power
Driving seat
Laminate bracket
Battery type
72v: 6 pieces of battery
Automatic charger: 72v
Clothes net/hook:
Maximum range
Battery cabinet
Speed limit
1380kg:   max load is 500kg

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