What is A Recreational Vehicle?

A recreational vehicle is a mobile vehicle equipped with living facilities, it is a moving house. The greatest characteristic of recreational vehicles is solving the key point of food and shelter for outdoor traveling or living. The main types of recreational vehicles are motor trucks and towable trailers. Our company provides this recreational trailer with a light-weight solid body and rich configurations including air conditioner, sofa, table, curtain, light, bed, etc for outdoor enthusiasts, journalists, movie stars, etc.

Recreational Vehicle Trailer for sale

Recreational Trailer Advantages

1. The trailer without power is a low carbon and environmentally friendly.
2. Our recreational trailer without motor has less risk of the mechanical defect to repair, so it has more utility value and durability to be bought and kept.
3. At present, most families have at least two cars, a truck or SUV can sufficiently match with our camping trailer, so you don’t have to buy a large motor truck again for traveling outside. A camping trailer shares the same living space with the motorhome with less money and the trailer is a nice combination with the family car.
4. Our trailer could be separated from the towing vehicle for use in the camp, or it can be equipped with a towing machine and used as a car at home.
5. Owning a trailer, you don’t have to worry about the value depreciation, it’s a value-preserving investment. While the motor truck depreciates the moment you buy it, and the more miles on the odometer, the lower the motor truck’s resale price.

mobile motor home trailer

Structures of A Towable Trailer

1. The trailer body is made of CE approved anti-corrosive material, long service life, and resistant to corrosion, high strength, and lightweight.
2. Our movable caravan is structured with 3 layers of thermal insulation material, insulating heat, and keep inside warm in winter and cool in summer.
3. The trailer has four sides windows, great to ventilate and enjoy the scenery.
4. The towable trailer can be equipped with an air conditioner, bed, sofa, cupboard, electric tap, stainless sink, table, dining table.

what you can install in Amisy portable caravanwhat you can install in Amisy mobile motor home

Movable Vehicle Uses

Multiple-functional trailer is proper both for individual and commercial uses.

For individual use:

√ The comfortable trailer has a cozy & romantic interior design and complete configurations, therefore it is a great choice for a couple’s honeymoon trip.
√ Besides family, the caravan is suitable for friends’ traveling & party. At present, people are more willing to get close to nature, caravan’s durable frame can deal with outdoor climate change when you are enjoying nature.

For commercial application:

√ Companies that have an outdoor business can have a look at our recreational trailer, and it has been applied in outdoor programs recording, movie stars’ special car, etc.
√ Near the scenic spot, there are few places to build large hotels. ‘Trailer’s Hotel’ is a novel business idea, which has features of no building materials’ pollution and high utility.

Travel Trailer Parameters Chart

600kg (loaded weight: 700kg)
Usable area6m²
Configuration for Choice
Electric tap
Stainless sink
Air conditioner:3.2kw
Two sofas:
High-quality cupboard
Dining table and bedside table