Salad is a good moneymaker for food truck service, as it needs no cooking, little preparation, and inexpensive but tasty and healthy ingredients that can be eaten in bulk. And our custom salad food cart can help you to turn this cuisine into a small investment business with a big profit. The profit comes at the price, as the markup on salads is enormous. To make profitable salads, the salad cart business should focus on obtaining cheap quality ingredients, maintaining low overhead, and adjusting prices to secure enough of a profit margin.

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Here is a custom food cart salad recipe for your reference— chicken salad with mayonnaise and peas from Chris Kohatsu, the chef at the Viking Culinary Center.

Things You Need

2 cups of mayonnaise, 1 cup of milk,
half a cup of sour cream, cooked chicken cubes,
cooked macaroni with vinegar, salt, and pepper