Roman Holiday-C Mobile Food Bike

Roman Holiday-C Mobile Food Cart is the smallest of Roman Holiday edition food carts. The food pushcart features Italian amorous feelings. It is suitable for selling in leisure squares, pedestrian streets, food courts, parks, tourist attractions, etc. You can use the car to sell ice cream, candy, chocolate, popcorn, chips, biscuit, donut, drinks, etc.

Roman-Holiday-C Cheap Food Cart Side CloseRoman-Holiday-C Food Push Cart
Roman-Holiday-C Food Vending Cart Back OpenVintage Food Cart Side Open

Advantages of Roman Holiday-C Food Vending Cart

1. Roman-Holiday C vintage food cart is small and easy to move.
2. The color of the small food cart can be yellow, green, red or other colors that you like.
3. Having a peripheral extension mesa around, convenient for consumers to eat.
4. Basic configuration: LED lamp 12V(4 pieces), toughened glass window.
5. Adopt three layers of insulation, having thermal insulation, fireproof and corrosion resistance.
6. Large and thick awnings around the food vending cart, convenient and suitable for bad weather.

What You Can Vend by the Roman Holiday-C Food Trolley

what food can be sold by Food Cart for you

Roman Holiday-C Mobile Food Cart Parameter

Roman Holiday-C
Usable Area
Business Window
four sides
Coating Process
PVC color paint
500 kg
Maximum Loading Capacity
100 kg

Mobile Food Business and Bad Weather

Among the challenges that mobile food vendors face is bad weather. Our food vending cart provides three layers of insulation that can resist heat in summer and cold in winter, while the thick awnings can protect the consumer from rains. Yet there are some other things that you can do to maintain your business in the bad weather:
1. Pursue catering clients from corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, etc.
2. Partner with an office building and institute a delivery service.
3. Update the menus with soups, hot chocolate or other items with seasons.
4. Stay consistent with your locations and maintain a loyal customer base.